Week 7 – Sweden

Sorry again for the delay, Hello Sweden!

So the plan to make our way to the Arctic Circle through Sweden didn’t work out, It was a lot further than we thought! After reaching what we thought was the Arctic Circle, it wasn’t, we gave up and head east toward the sea.

We spent a couple of days on the coast before heading toward Östersund to a Mcdonalds (to use wifi) and plan our next move. We booked two ferries. One from Stolkholm – Turku  and Helsinki – Tallin. Can’t wait for another  12 hour ferry, Not!

After visiting the Sami open air museum in Sundsvall on Wednesday, we headed towards Lake Siljan.  We ended up staying in Nudnas, in the carpark near the workshop where they make traditional wooden horses; called dala horses.

Thurdsday was campsite day, Rattvik this week! Home to the longest wooden pier in Sweden. Luckily the campsite had a café with a tv, so we could watch Wales v England. And that’s all I’m going to say on that matter…

The following day we passed Ikea, and I had to go, when in Rome and all that. I tried kottbullar och potatis (meatballs, mash and lingonberry jam), very yummy! We bought a few little things for the van. Stopped for the night in a quiet little fishing spot on the estuary, became quite spooky when the fog rolled in.

I’d read about Uppsala in Lonely Planet, so on Sunday we made our way there. Disappointed with Gamla Uppsala and its Viking burial mounds, there was no mention of Thor!

In Uppsala itself it started to rain, heavily, and my waterproof coat decided it was no longer waterproof (thanks North Face!). We took shelter in Scandinavia’s largest Cathedral.

Time to head to Stolkholm…

Until next time,



Week 6 – Norway

We departed Frederikshavn Monday evening.  I wasn’t looking forward to the 13 hour crossing; I’m not the best of sailors! So our cabin was right at the bottom of the ship with no windows, and to think it couldn’t get any worse besides the general rocking of the boat, it slightly smelt like fish! We figured seeing as it was such a long crossing and ferry food is so expensive, we decided on bringing our own  little picnic! Arrived in Oslo at 7:30am, spent the morning getting in all the sights.

Decided on the Oslo to Bergen route.  Safe to say ‘wow’ and ‘look at that!’ were the most used over the next couple of days. I could write more but I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Thursday we stayed at a campsite, not far off the Nordfjord in Olden. Defiantly the most beautiful campsite I’ve ever stayed in, views of mountains and glaciers! Another wow moment!

The morning after we made our way to Briksdal Glacier, it was only 40 minute walk from the car park. We made our way through the Jostedalsbreen National Park, surrounded by pure beauty!

We made our way to Geiranger, was not as straight forward as we hoped; 11 hair pin corners and a 1:12 gradient! Defiantly a wow moment!

Arrived in Alesund mid-morning on Saturday. We walked up the Aksla hill, 418 steps to the view point! Well worth the view of Alesund from the top!  We watched the Wales game in an Irish bar called Dirty Nellys. Bryn insisted on having a £12 beer, then found a £8 beer (much more reasonable!! ) Very happy with the win!

One of the top things on my list for this trip was to do the Atlantic Road. On Sunday we drove from Bud to Karvag and onto Kristiansand. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

We were planning on going to the Arctic Circle, but the TomTom couldn’t figure out a route that didn’t take us through Trondheim. The problem with this route was it included 7 tolls, I understand its Norway’s old capital but really, 7 tolls?! We quickly aborted this plan and decided to make our way to the Arctic Circle through Sweden!

Until next time,


Week 5

Decided to stay in a campsite in as we needed to wash some clothes! The campsite was located right on the beach. Perfect place for swimming, or so we thought!  Safe to say the massive jellyfish scared me off, Bryn on the other hand jumped straight in. Later on that night we went for a walk and found out it was a blue flag beach, but there was no blue flag…

We decided to stay in a marina in Nappedam, as we were picking up Ross and Marian from the airport the following day (20 minutes away). According to the TomTom, the airport was situated off the road, through a ditch, into an overgrown field- silly TomTom!  After greeting Ross and Marian at the airport, we stared the 40 minute journey to Aarhus.

Aarhus- So, the next 3 days were a blur! All I know for sure is, we played mini golf and ate a lot of Danish food. There was also a game involving 6 drunk people, a hammer, some nails and a piece of wood. And karaoke!

Onwards and upwards towards Frederikshavn. We spent most of the evening planning our next move, and decided on the overnight ferry from Frederikshavn to Oslo. Bryn handed me the scissors and clippers as he’d decided his hair needed cutting , in his own words ‘not the worst haircut I’ve ever had’.  New career? Discuss!

Nearly caught up…!


Week 4

Bryn’s got bored with blogging, so I guess it’s up to me to keep it going. I apologise in advance, I only have 4 weeks’ worth to catch up on. (Thanks Bryn!)

Started off the week in Ribe. We stayed in a free car park for campers just outside the town, defiantly the smallest camper there- poor Ziggy! We went to a Viking museum, and found out that we were true Vikings!! In the afternoon we had waffles and softice (mr whippy). About 10pm we went on the Night Watchman tour.

After a couple of quite days in Enghavevej and  Bork Havn, (it didn’t help that it was pouring with rain!) we decided to book a campsite for Copenhagen!

Started the day in Roskilde. We went to see the Viking ship museum, there was also a workshop making replicas of Viking ships using Viking era techniques, which was pretty cool!

We headed towards Copenhagen, and ended up in hotel carpark that lets a few campervans stay overnight for a small fee.  It was only 20 minutes away from Copenhagen on the train, the other campsite we had booked for the next two days was 16 minutes away on a bus. So we ended up cancelling it, and staying here for another two nights!

The next couple of days were busy, full of touristy stuff. We visited the National Museum, learnt all about Danish history and Vikings. We went to the Tivoli (Copenhagen’s oldest amusement park). It is truly magical, but let’s just say, you can tell some of the rides are from the late 1840s. Copenhagen Street Food is a must! Safe to say we tried some delicious food and of course I had Gin. But an eye watering  110Krone (which is about £10.50) for a single G&T, it had strawberries though…!

After a busy few days, we spent the night in Havnevej marina to recharge our batteries. Defiantly needed!

3 more weeks to go,