Week 6 – Norway

We departed Frederikshavn Monday evening.  I wasn’t looking forward to the 13 hour crossing; I’m not the best of sailors! So our cabin was right at the bottom of the ship with no windows, and to think it couldn’t get any worse besides the general rocking of the boat, it slightly smelt like fish! We figured seeing as it was such a long crossing and ferry food is so expensive, we decided on bringing our own  little picnic! Arrived in Oslo at 7:30am, spent the morning getting in all the sights.

Decided on the Oslo to Bergen route.  Safe to say ‘wow’ and ‘look at that!’ were the most used over the next couple of days. I could write more but I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Thursday we stayed at a campsite, not far off the Nordfjord in Olden. Defiantly the most beautiful campsite I’ve ever stayed in, views of mountains and glaciers! Another wow moment!

The morning after we made our way to Briksdal Glacier, it was only 40 minute walk from the car park. We made our way through the Jostedalsbreen National Park, surrounded by pure beauty!

We made our way to Geiranger, was not as straight forward as we hoped; 11 hair pin corners and a 1:12 gradient! Defiantly a wow moment!

Arrived in Alesund mid-morning on Saturday. We walked up the Aksla hill, 418 steps to the view point! Well worth the view of Alesund from the top!  We watched the Wales game in an Irish bar called Dirty Nellys. Bryn insisted on having a £12 beer, then found a £8 beer (much more reasonable!! ) Very happy with the win!

One of the top things on my list for this trip was to do the Atlantic Road. On Sunday we drove from Bud to Karvag and onto Kristiansand. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

We were planning on going to the Arctic Circle, but the TomTom couldn’t figure out a route that didn’t take us through Trondheim. The problem with this route was it included 7 tolls, I understand its Norway’s old capital but really, 7 tolls?! We quickly aborted this plan and decided to make our way to the Arctic Circle through Sweden!

Until next time,



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