Week 5

Decided to stay in a campsite in as we needed to wash some clothes! The campsite was located right on the beach. Perfect place for swimming, or so we thought!  Safe to say the massive jellyfish scared me off, Bryn on the other hand jumped straight in. Later on that night we went for a walk and found out it was a blue flag beach, but there was no blue flag…

We decided to stay in a marina in Nappedam, as we were picking up Ross and Marian from the airport the following day (20 minutes away). According to the TomTom, the airport was situated off the road, through a ditch, into an overgrown field- silly TomTom!  After greeting Ross and Marian at the airport, we stared the 40 minute journey to Aarhus.

Aarhus- So, the next 3 days were a blur! All I know for sure is, we played mini golf and ate a lot of Danish food. There was also a game involving 6 drunk people, a hammer, some nails and a piece of wood. And karaoke!

Onwards and upwards towards Frederikshavn. We spent most of the evening planning our next move, and decided on the overnight ferry from Frederikshavn to Oslo. Bryn handed me the scissors and clippers as he’d decided his hair needed cutting , in his own words ‘not the worst haircut I’ve ever had’.  New career? Discuss!

Nearly caught up…!



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