Week 4

Bryn’s got bored with blogging, so I guess it’s up to me to keep it going. I apologise in advance, I only have 4 weeks’ worth to catch up on. (Thanks Bryn!)

Started off the week in Ribe. We stayed in a free car park for campers just outside the town, defiantly the smallest camper there- poor Ziggy! We went to a Viking museum, and found out that we were true Vikings!! In the afternoon we had waffles and softice (mr whippy). About 10pm we went on the Night Watchman tour.

After a couple of quite days in Enghavevej and  Bork Havn, (it didn’t help that it was pouring with rain!) we decided to book a campsite for Copenhagen!

Started the day in Roskilde. We went to see the Viking ship museum, there was also a workshop making replicas of Viking ships using Viking era techniques, which was pretty cool!

We headed towards Copenhagen, and ended up in hotel carpark that lets a few campervans stay overnight for a small fee.  It was only 20 minutes away from Copenhagen on the train, the other campsite we had booked for the next two days was 16 minutes away on a bus. So we ended up cancelling it, and staying here for another two nights!

The next couple of days were busy, full of touristy stuff. We visited the National Museum, learnt all about Danish history and Vikings. We went to the Tivoli (Copenhagen’s oldest amusement park). It is truly magical, but let’s just say, you can tell some of the rides are from the late 1840s. Copenhagen Street Food is a must! Safe to say we tried some delicious food and of course I had Gin. But an eye watering  110Krone (which is about £10.50) for a single G&T, it had strawberries though…!

After a busy few days, we spent the night in Havnevej marina to recharge our batteries. Defiantly needed!

3 more weeks to go,



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