After a great weekend in Berlin it was time to get back on the road. We headed North East, in the general direction of Rügen Island. We stopped for the night in a small town called Mirow, free car park with toilets. We also discovered that it was a bank holiday, therefore all shops were closed, so we would have to eat out… if you insist! Unfortunately  the only restaurant open in the town was the worst Italian i have ever eaten. Never Mind.

The next day we reached the Baltic coast, or Ostsee as it known in this part of the world. We stopped for the night in a nice Wohnmobilplatz in Mönkebud, should’ve realised at the time, mosquitoes the size of small birds flying around in the afternoon was not a good sign. We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening playing cards and hiding in the van.

The next day we headed to Rügen Island. We headed straight for Prora as I had read about the planned holiday camp there. They have started to redevelop these buildings and only one block remains now. Still quite an imposing building right on the Ostsee coast.

We stopped for the night in a Wohnmobilplatz on the east side of the island, very nice site with brand new facilities, we decided it was time to catch up on some laundry. Earlier that day we had picked up some Asparagus, it seems to be growing everywhere in Germany at the moment. A fantastic dinner of new potatoes, asparagus and hollandaise.

Heading along the North Ostsee coast, stopped in Rostock, but seemed very industrial, maybe we just didn’t find the nice old square. So we carried on along the coast to Wismar for lunch, a nice town with lots of character. We were planning on staying here but the Wohnmobilplatz was full, we found a nice campsite out on the coast. Once again no pictures, I must get better at this!

On Saturday we crossed over into Denmark, headed over to a nice island called Rømø. Found a nice Wohnmobilplatz, called Autocamping in Denmark. All setup we headed into town to get some supplies and found BACON, we the proceeded to have it for 3 meals in a row.

We decided to stay another night in Rømø as it was a Sunday and didn’t think there would be much going on in the town we were heading to next. We rented some bikes and made the most of the morning sunshine, before the rain arrived in the afternoon.

So now back to only being one week behind!

Until next time,




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