Early start to try and take in some of the Tulip Route on the way to Amsterdam, forgetting it was the weekend. After queuing most of the way along the route, we decided to get on the motorway and head straight for Amsterdam. As it was the weekend we had pre-booked at Camp Gaasper, located at the south of Amsterdam, it had good clean facilities and only 20 minutes by metro to Central Station.

We headed into the city in the afternoon, it was quite a shock to the senses arriving at Central Station with all the crowd of people and the heat. Wondered along the canals trying to cool down, had a few drinks in Prinje, followed by dinner in an a very nice Italian, as you do in Amsterdam.

The next morning went for a walk along the quieter canals, lots of photo opportunities. Had lunch and a few drinks outside the Olympic Stadium, there was a Street Food event on there, lots of good food, live music and beer. Had dinner in a pizza restaurant that Sera had found out about. One of the best pizzas ever in a nice quiet corner of Amsterdam.


3 thoughts on “DAY 5 & 6

    1. Hi, sorry for very slow reply. A bit behind on the blog. We’ve mostly been using a book called Camperstop, which has lots of different stops to stay at, some free most paid for, facilities vary. Since we’ve been in Scandinavia we have been doing a lot more wild camping, hoping to carry this on as we get back to mainland Europe next week. Thanks for your comments, much appreciated!

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