Week 4

Bryn’s got bored with blogging, so I guess it’s up to me to keep it going. I apologise in advance, I only have 4 weeks’ worth to catch up on. (Thanks Bryn!)

Started off the week in Ribe. We stayed in a free car park for campers just outside the town, defiantly the smallest camper there- poor Ziggy! We went to a Viking museum, and found out that we were true Vikings!! In the afternoon we had waffles and softice (mr whippy). About 10pm we went on the Night Watchman tour.

After a couple of quite days in Enghavevej and  Bork Havn, (it didn’t help that it was pouring with rain!) we decided to book a campsite for Copenhagen!

Started the day in Roskilde. We went to see the Viking ship museum, there was also a workshop making replicas of Viking ships using Viking era techniques, which was pretty cool!

We headed towards Copenhagen, and ended up in hotel carpark that lets a few campervans stay overnight for a small fee.  It was only 20 minutes away from Copenhagen on the train, the other campsite we had booked for the next two days was 16 minutes away on a bus. So we ended up cancelling it, and staying here for another two nights!

The next couple of days were busy, full of touristy stuff. We visited the National Museum, learnt all about Danish history and Vikings. We went to the Tivoli (Copenhagen’s oldest amusement park). It is truly magical, but let’s just say, you can tell some of the rides are from the late 1840s. Copenhagen Street Food is a must! Safe to say we tried some delicious food and of course I had Gin. But an eye watering  110Krone (which is about £10.50) for a single G&T, it had strawberries though…!

After a busy few days, we spent the night in Havnevej marina to recharge our batteries. Defiantly needed!

3 more weeks to go,



Week 3

Week 3

After a great weekend in Berlin it was time to get back on the road. We headed North East, in the general direction of Rügen Island. We stopped for the night in a small town called Mirow, free car park with toilets. We also discovered that it was a bank holiday, therefore all shops were closed, so we would have to eat out… if you insist! Unfortunately  the only restaurant open in the town was the worst Italian i have ever eaten. Never Mind.

The next day we reached the Baltic coast, or Ostsee as it known in this part of the world. We stopped for the night in a nice Wohnmobilplatz in Mönkebud, should’ve realised at the time, mosquitoes the size of small birds flying around in the afternoon was not a good sign. We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening playing cards and hiding in the van.

The next day we headed to Rügen Island. We headed straight for Prora as I had read about the planned holiday camp there. They have started to redevelop these buildings and only one block remains now. Still quite an imposing building right on the Ostsee coast.

We stopped for the night in a Wohnmobilplatz on the east side of the island, very nice site with brand new facilities, we decided it was time to catch up on some laundry. Earlier that day we had picked up some Asparagus, it seems to be growing everywhere in Germany at the moment. A fantastic dinner of new potatoes, asparagus and hollandaise.

Heading along the North Ostsee coast, stopped in Rostock, but seemed very industrial, maybe we just didn’t find the nice old square. So we carried on along the coast to Wismar for lunch, a nice town with lots of character. We were planning on staying here but the Wohnmobilplatz was full, we found a nice campsite out on the coast. Once again no pictures, I must get better at this!

On Saturday we crossed over into Denmark, headed over to a nice island called Rømø. Found a nice Wohnmobilplatz, called Autocamping in Denmark. All setup we headed into town to get some supplies and found BACON, we the proceeded to have it for 3 meals in a row.

We decided to stay another night in Rømø as it was a Sunday and didn’t think there would be much going on in the town we were heading to next. We rented some bikes and made the most of the morning sunshine, before the rain arrived in the afternoon.

So now back to only being one week behind!

Until next time,




Up early to use the showers before the crowds, possibly last shower for a few days. Not particularly exciting day today, just getting away from Amsterdam and finding somewhere reasonable to stay.

Arrived in small town called Meppel, near the German border. Nice location with all the needed facilities. Parked up near a canal next to a nice Dutch/Canadian couple, who had also done a similar trip back in the 70s in an old VW.

The next day went for a quick walk around town to find breakfast to go with our coffee.

Decided to head into Germany today and onto the Autobahns! Stopped just over the border to try and figure out where to go. We decided upon Bremen and found a place to stay just north of Bremen. Free parking with toilets and showers in nearby campsite. Walked into town found little shop with eggs and bread, dinner sorted!

Good night’s sleep in Sandstedt, up early and short drive down to Bremen. Parked up in a Wohnmobilplatz (Motorhome campsite) on a small island on the River Wesser. Just a 20min walk and we were right in the Markplatz.

Spent the afternoon afternoon wondering around the different areas, from the parks along the river to the small streets of the Schnoor Quarter.

After a bit of a chill back at the van we walked back into town for dinner in a traditional restaurant in the cellars of the town hall, German Haggis! Fantastic.

The next day we were unsure which way to head, looking through the road map we saw there was a picturesque route only a few miles away, we decided to follow this. After driving for a good hour or so, with nothing in the way of picturesque it was time to change plan. Since we had been driving south for the last couple of hours we were now close to the Harz National Park so headed there.

Suddenly the whole geography changed and we were surrounded by giant alpine-style trees rivers and gorges. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have taken any photos, so you’ll have to trust me that it was nice. We stopped in a nearby Wohnmobilplatz for the night and parked next to these guys…


We were planning on walking up the Brocken Mountain the next day, but closed roads and bad weather were against us and we decided to change plan. We headed towards Berlin as we needed to start heading North again soon and a weekend in Berlin seemed like just the thing we needed. Stopped in Brandenburg for the night.

Up early to make the most of our 2 days in Berlin, parked up in Wohnmobilplatz in Tegel, on the Northern outskirts of Berlin. A good location and just 10min walk to the U-Bahn and S-Bahn stations, followed by a 20min ride into the centre.

As it was lunchtime we headed to Hackescher Markt for the obligatory currywurst. We then went for a walk in Volkspark Friedrichshain, very busy with people enjoying their weekend.


After a a few drinks, well it was a Saturday, we headed to see the Carnival Park, the main parade was on Sunday, but lots of stalls selling great food and drink. Then we headed to a bar on the roof of a shopping center (Thanks Edd), only in Berlin! Followed by burgers in Burgermeister, a converted public toilet under the S-Bahn, it really is amazing!

The next day we headed out to see the Carnival Parade, breakfast on the way in the form of a cheese croissant, bit of a tradition from previous trips.

Sorry for the change of format to weekly, I think it will be much easier to keep up to date.

Until next time..


DAY 5 & 6

DAY 5 & 6


Early start to try and take in some of the Tulip Route on the way to Amsterdam, forgetting it was the weekend. After queuing most of the way along the route, we decided to get on the motorway and head straight for Amsterdam. As it was the weekend we had pre-booked at Camp Gaasper, located at the south of Amsterdam, it had good clean facilities and only 20 minutes by metro to Central Station.

We headed into the city in the afternoon, it was quite a shock to the senses arriving at Central Station with all the crowd of people and the heat. Wondered along the canals trying to cool down, had a few drinks in Prinje, followed by dinner in an a very nice Italian, as you do in Amsterdam.

The next morning went for a walk along the quieter canals, lots of photo opportunities. Had lunch and a few drinks outside the Olympic Stadium, there was a Street Food event on there, lots of good food, live music and beer. Had dinner in a pizza restaurant that Sera had found out about. One of the best pizzas ever in a nice quiet corner of Amsterdam.


Bruges – Camp Buitenlust (nl)

Not the best of nights sleep in Bruges, no particular reason why. Set off for Ghent, arrived in midday sun, road works and traffic jams, decided not to stop and headed straight for a Dutch campsite we had decided upon that morning.

Arrived in Camp Buitenlust by 1pm, managed to get the last campervan spot. Relaxing afternoon not really doing much. Had Currywurst for dinner after finding Curry Ketchup in the local supermarket. Spent the rest of the evening playing cards, dice and being eaten alive by mosquitos.



Veurne – Bruges

Had a good night’s sleep, headed off into town to find breakfast and coffee, managed to find croissants no such luck with the coffee. Drove some of the coast road on our way to Bruges, but was very busy and built up so we decided to get on the motorway and head straight over to Bruges.

Parked up in the Bruges Aire, a bit expensive and basic but 5 minute walk into the old town, so great location. Turned out the we had arrived on Ascension day, which meant many of the shops were closed and lots of the streets blocked off with rows of chairs. The main square was full of grandstands, which sort of took away from the beauty of it, especially as it was our first visit here. The parade itself was quite spectacular, with many different floats depicting scenes from the bible. We had dinner in a quirky little cellar restaurant. Flemish stew was amazing.




Short drive down to Dover, followed by an hour wait for the ferry. Very strange leaving Britain for a considerable amount of time, but very exciting at the same time!

After the ferry, time for the open road and right-hand side driving, actually turned out to be fine, having a TomTom helped as it converts the speed to MPH and shows which way to go around the roundabouts.

We stopped just over the Belgium border in a small town called Veurne. Free parking at the marina with showers and toilets, perfect. Went for a walk around town and discovered a nice traditional square lined with  bars and restaurants. Had dinner and a few drinks here, a nice way to start the trip.